Friday, July 17, 2009

More Space More Storage Needed

I have bought lots of cloth to welcome my first baby SQ. I am sure you will understand how excited a mother to-be. I cannot stop myself from shopping for baby cloth and toys as I wish I could give her everything in the world! I keep buying new cloth for her since she was born and I never realize that I have bought more than 5 dozens of clothes! Now, my house looks messy, her clothes has filled up almost 70% of the wardrobe. I need more place for the children!

Due to limited space at home, I am planning to get art storage to help me keep my artwork collections. I love to collect artwork when I was single. I keep quite a number of artwork at home, and it occupied quite many space. Therefore, I am planning to move out the collections and keep in art storage until move into new home.

I need to keep the collections for at least 1 year in the art storage because new house project will only complete 8 or 9 months later. Well, if renovation going smooth then we could move into new home 1 year later. Then, I could get back all the collections and keep at home already.

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