Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hope To Overcome Current Financial Difficulty

Our current month debtor aging balance is about $300,000.00. Two third of that amount is over due for at least 30 days. I believe company financial would be better if manage to get half of the debt collection amount. We have about $100K creditor payments waiting to issue. I wishing hard the debt collection payment would meet our needs.

I have done a simply costing calculation last week. I am planning to show the costing to boss this coming Friday. She knows company is having financial difficulty now but I think she does not know how terrible the situation is. She seldom in office, so she did not see how often suppliers chase for the payment and how difficult for us to chase for debtor payment.

I want to show her the true of company situation. I am going to show her bank record and budgeting besides the costing as well. If possible, I will suggest her to hire debt payment collector to help us bring in more payment from customers. *sigh* I really hope our company could overcome this financial difficulty now. If not, I think I would have to find another job already. I do not think we could continue with current financial for long terms.

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