Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fall in Love To Travel Around The World

Previously, I am such a miser to spend on everything. I am not willing to buy expensive things or spend money in entertainment until a friend influenced me deeply on spending. I tried my first international travel in year 2008. That time I spent more than $15K for a family trip to Japan. Although that was not a relax vacation due to no experience on handle two kids in trip. However, that surely a good experience to experience a strange country. I took this trip as investigate trip. Thereafter, I visited to the same place six months later with friend.

I love all kind of vacations, no matter it is adult vacations, singles vacation or family vacations. I just love to travel around the world! However, if possible I want to arrange a romantic vacation with hubby now. We have no chance to go for vacation alone. I am wishing that we could have a nice romantic again, to maintain or improve our relationship again after the 10 years marriage. There are many destinations is suitable for couple but I could make up my decision where to go yet. I think, I would search a real nice resort from all those adult resorts available and then only decide where to go. Especially the resorts at Jamaica, I am going to spend more time to search in this destination.

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