Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sudden Talk about New Car

I am searching car rental information recently. I am thinking to rent a car on my next vacation. I am not so familiar with car model, so it is not easy for me to find a value car rental package. Lucky, I have friend who is working in car business. I called him and get his consult on that.

Then, do not how we talk about the 2010 new cars and he make me feel like want to buy a new car! He showed me some latest model of Honda and Ford car. He introduced a website contains many ford flex reviews for me. He strongly recommended this model. Well, I think he is trying to promote the car to me, think he wants to do my business.

Well, I am more interested in the Honda brand. Honda Insight looks good. I also fund many honda insight photos in that website and they give me a good idea how is the looking. Their reviews help a lot too. Now I know how styling, performance, safety, comfort and quality of the car already. And this would be a good point to pursue my hubby to go for test drive and perhaps he would likes it and buy to me! haha

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