Friday, February 19, 2010

She Wants A Terrace House

Yesterday my mother brought my two daughters to visit sister who stayed at Bangi. My mother complaints to me they refused to leave no matter how she forced them. I question my girls after they reached home why they do not want to leave there. You know what she told me? She said she wants to stay there because my sister’s house is a corner terrace house that has plenty much space for them to run. Besides that, she also said that she wants a bigger car parking lot to cycle after school.

I wish I could make her dream come true immediately but too bad us still searching for suitable property now. My husband already planed to buy a terrace house that nearby our apartment. He surely will get one if any developer launched new project here. He is looking forward to provide the best accommodation for the children too. No joke! He even already tell me that already bookmarked, a website that powered by HDA, Inc. He said this company has wide range of services, which included house plans and cabin plans.

He is so right. We really need some good house floor plans for our new home. This house would be a permanent home for us. Sure we need a plan that really fit our need.

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