Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pottery Crafts

I come to a AMACO/Brent website through a friend’s blog. She just blogged about her latest hobby - DIY pottery craft. She is interested in all kind of art and craft hobby I think. Few months ago I heard she was learning to make own jewelry and now already changed to pottery craft. Well, I wish I could have more time to learn and play with my hobby, too bad my time is not enough for me. I almost spent all my time for husband and children, not much time leave for me.

I do know have time to make something for myself. If I need any majolica glazes or slump molds, I think probably would find pottery supply company and order from them. They have wide range of mold and glazes supplies, I am surely will find something match me. :lol:

I am searching from the website my friend mention in post just now. I found many free lesson plans available in the website. All those lessons are included technique sheet that is available to download in HTML and pdf format. Anyway, I should bookmark this website; so that I could start to learn follow their lesson plans when I have time to learn.

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