Friday, March 05, 2010

Colourful Brings spirit to Life

Almost 99% clinics and hospital I went before are in white color. Well, I know places like that should be in white so that they provide clean and hygiene feels to visitors. However, sometime it would be too poke especially when you need something to boost your energy or encourage you. Sometime I would think that some colorful thingy might increase their motivation also.

Doctors might not suitable to wear colorful clothing due to their professional image but nurse should have some chance. A nurse with colorful koi scrubs surely would give more spiritual to patients. Try to imagine that when you feeling not well and go for doctor. You see some nurse wearing colourful and beautiful koi uniforms waiting for you to register at the counter. Wouldn’t you feeling better than just saw someone who is wearing white color uniform?

If you are working in clinic or hospital, maybe you should suggest your head to have some chance. You could even introduce them the Scrubs and Beyond website. They have wide range of colorful, stylist and beautiful scrubs in store, such as koi scrub pants and tops, Katherine Heigl Scrubs, UltraScope and many others.

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