Friday, June 08, 2007

The Stairlifts In My Office

I was thinking that how good if my boss willing to install the stairlifts in our office. Although I am fat, but I do not want to do exercise everyday also. Oh my...Everyday, I have to climb up to second floor, very tire you know. Ha-ha...Just kidding. Actually, for my views, stair lifts are very useful for senior people, especially for those who struggle daily with the stairs in their life and need good care.

Our company have quite lots of senior customers who are ages 65 and above, and they used to visit our office to directly purchase products from us. I saw some of them with very tired face after reached our office. Therefore, I was thinking that is necessary to install the stair lift in our office. I will bring this up on coming meeting and refer boss to visit that selling various stair lifts. I hope that we can provide the best environment to our value customers.

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